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silvery_storm's Journal

3 April
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I'm 20 and in university. (:

I love to draw and write (whether or not I'm good at it, haha), and I'm currently in the One Piece fandom. <3 I also love reading, though I don't have much time for it nowadays. D:

Yep, I translated Silver Diamond Volumes 10, 11 (both solo so they're really shoddy) and 12, 13 (with a cleaner/editor so they're very much prettier), and am currently on Volume 15 (still with the help of the awesome eve_tenshi! ^^) Volume 14 was translated and cleaned/typesetted by sandreen; I just proofread and edited if necessary.

I'm only half-Chinese so my Chinese isn't that great, so bear with any mistakes please! I'm doing it partly because I prefer reading in English so I have this urge to translate, but mostly for you people who can only read English. >.< Thanks for the support and encouragement! It spurs me on~

I'm really easygoing so don't hesitate to drop me a message~

(anyone who wants to offer any help/ask any questions, my email is: snowyprecipice@yahoo.com.sg)

Neopets: amy1992192
Nihonomaru: silvery_snow
Yahoo!: snowyprecipice
Deviantart: AngelKite (http://angelkite.deviantart.com/)